5 Reasons to Attend UVU

Hello to all my followers! Today I would like to encourage future college students or even current college students to enroll at the Utah Valley University. I have attended UVU for just over a year, I was a transfer student from Utah State. I have enjoyed my time as a student at UVU immensley, and her is why. 

  1. The atmosphere at UVU is unlike any other school, everyone is friendly and happy to be here. Everyone is very willing to lend a helping hand. 
  2. The Professors are awesome! Most classes are smaller than the average University so you have more one on one time with them. They really care about their students.
  3. The Campus is all indoors and beautiful! They have a student fitness center, amazing library and huge stained glass artwork windows. 
  4. The Ciriculum is challenging, but not overbearing. My classes stretch me to learn and grow, but they do not ask too much of the students. 
  5. They have great food options; Chick-fil-a, Costa Vida, Panda Express and much more! You dont need to leave campus to have a great meal!

I enjoy being enrolled at UVU and I knwo you will as well!
Thanks for reading!

Ryland Johnson